Full Moon wo Sagashita 
Zen-in pink bag w/ 1 eraser, 1 pencil, 1- 4 color pen, 1 mascot tape
roll. (everything shown in pic) $20
Full Moon wo Sagashita 
zen-in set (as shown) watch, ruler, pen, carrying case, and a ID wallet $25
Full Moon wo Sagashita
zen-in stationary set: Glue stick, pen, pencil, eraser  pen, ruler $25 
Saboten Secret 
Zen-in set: (as shown) case, glue, lipstick shaped eraser, mechanicle pencil, pen, and ruler w/ mirror $20
The Gentlemen Alliance Cross
Zen-in thick, magnet closure diary, mechanical pencil
w/ mascot stamper on top,
 mascot pencil led container w/ mascot topper & pencil led refills,
& scissors $25 

Dr. Rin
cloth planner zen-in item
Full Moon wo Sagashita
Zen-in handbag $50
Love Berrish
school zen-in $25
The Gentlemen Alliance Cross
school zen-in $30
 I love Baby
zen-in clip binder mint $10

Card Captor Sakura
 zen-in manga design backpack $30
TR (Trouble Rose?)
Zen-in hand bag $30  

Sho-comi VHS
 Event zen-in VHS item $10
I Love Baby 
Zen-in card binder $10

Lucky lottery zen-in clock w/ pouch $24.99
CLAMP in Wonderland 
X-lg face cloth. 1994 Tour.
Promo event item only!
 Never used!
13in x 14 1/4in -  $30
Full Moon wo Sagashita
briefcase, ruler, trading prism, clip,
shitajiki & scissors $30
Full Moon wo Sagashita 
Bento box event item $13

Let's Get Married! 
Bento zen-in box $15
Full Moon wo Sagashita 
hipbag (Fanny pack, Large) $45
I Love Baby (Ashiteriu baby)
 briefcase $5 
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Zen-in briefcase $9
Time Stranger Kyoko
** zen-in complete, as shown $25
Full Moon wo Sagashita 
zen-in set: $25
Time Stranger Kyoko
** zen-in briefcase only ** $15
Gentlemen's Alliance 
Zen-in denim zip bag w/ glitter pen, ruler
w/ mirror, black mechanical pencil w/ dangle, lipstick eraser, and bottle of glue, and Shitajiki
$40 ~OR~  w/out shitajiki it's = $20

Full Moon wo Sagashita
watch w/ 2 bands set! 1 plastic clasp/catcher is broken. They are removable so you can still wear either watch band $15 

Magic Knight Rayearth
furoku, zen-in, promo watch *Makona hologram on watch face*
(needs new battery, but was tested and it works) $20