Hana Yori Dango 
Electronic Message Memo
Boxed, Never used! 
Hana Yori Dango secret memo 
invisible ink, Boxed, Never used!
Marmalade Boy
La Familia Crece (Spanish)
Piccoli problem de Cuore
Manicure set Boxed, mint item inside, Never been used! $30
Dr Rin
boxed tarot card deck $25
 Peach Girl
 mouse pad $2
Daa! Daa! Daa!
furoku door sign $3
Vampire Knight, Natsumo Yujin-Cho, Ouran Host Club & other
CD drama disc $10
Air x Kanon
special CD rom $10
Nakayosi CD rom
Various series inside possible drama, games, wallpapers, stationary print outs, and more! $10
Guaken Alice, Mien Lieber, Romance of the thumb, Fruits Basket, & other series
drama CD $8
VB Rose, Charming Junkie, Mien Lieber and 1 other series.
Drama CD $8
Mitsu x Mitsu Drops, Kapn---n(>_<)!, Boku wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo suru, Get love!!
Drama CD $8

Get Wedding!! + special,
Drama CD $8
DN Angel
Special Drama CD $10
Asaka "Decade" Drama CD
DN Angel and others (??) $10
Ouran Host Club
Naruto charms:
Bat, Naruto, Paw print, and 3 others. They fit on the bracelet at the bottom of page. Each was bought seprately: Sold as set $10

Sailor Moon
hardback address book $20
Sailor Moon
Pretty Solider Sailor Moon, Navegantes
de Lua
baby toy $10
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon SS IRS compatable
talking calculater/ planner, ect  $150

Kenshin gashupon figures
~ Each figure I assembled to get pics.
~Yours will come unassemboled with their stands.
~ These are from my personal collection and are from a smoke free home!!

Kenshin figures (clear) Pic 1
Set (as shown) $30
Kenshin figures (clear) pic 2
Singles $6 each
Kenshin (color figures) pic 1
$28 (set as shown)
Kenshin (Color figures) pic 2
singles $7.00 each

Vampire Knight 
boxed, unused, Cosplay
bracelet $12
Hana Yori Dango Bath scrubber/ messager 
(Seen in eyecatches from series)
Boxed, Never used! 
Bracelet w/ Sauske charm $7