Washcloths , Trump, & Tarot cards


Fruits basket 
Fortune card/ tarot set
Comes w/ cards shown ( 45 character cards + several cards w/ writing/ sayings on them (not shown) and a case for storage. $12


Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler
Trump deck $13
Code Geass (CLAMP)
Trump deck
Rosen Maiden
Trump deck $13

Dr Rin series
Tarot/ fortune cards! $20 set of 18 or $1.50 each card.

Tsubasa Chronicle
Trump Deck $15
Gundam Seed Destiny
Trump Card deck $10
Ciao All Stars Trump set
Mayu Shinjo & other artist
Tarot cards w/ book $10
Mixed series (Mayu Shinju + others)
 Tarot card & book set $10
Gakuen Alice 
Trump Deck  $10
Gundam Seed
Trump Deck $10
Cinderella Collection
Trump deck $10 
Dr. Rin
Washcloth mini $6
Kare First Love
Washcloth $4
Gakuen Alice
wash cloth $4
Phermomania Syndrome
Washcloth $4

Hitsuji no Namida
Washcloth $3
Milk Crown Lover's
wash cloth $4

Ultra Maniac
Washcloth $5