Angel boxed item
Clear feathered cosmetic zip case $6
Gakuen Alice boxed item
matching office clip set $4

Monochrome Kids
mascott toiletry storage set $10
Misc series boxed
Pink lace hair item $2

Love so Life
mascott halloween roll of tape $3
Monochrome Kids
double hearts plastic mascott clip. $5
Gakuen Alice
pink polka dot hair bow clip (large) $3
Ciao Chibi Devil
large tin, has a dent on back corner $10

Ciao series
luggage tin $6
Rockin Heaven
double decker plastic storage container w/ pen $8 

Rock'in Heaven 
Approx: 6in x 4 1/4in  x 3in
DIY  Bento box $10 

Seshimaru boxed figure $10
Fake cel phone tin
with mascot strap $6
Natsume Yuujincho
double pen set $8

Guaken Baby
Boxed baby face key cover $3
Devil with Flower
phone strap (unboxed) $4
Naruto: Pakkun 
Mascott, special DVD release item. $10
headband, bouch & tags $10
Series special release Mascott mini statue $10
Some Cute Angel!! 
Box & Strap (like the swimming cases, Waterproof??.) $6

Gakuen Alice  
cel phone bling stickers $2
Misc series 
cel phone strap $2.50
Vampire Knight 
Cross bracelet $10
Gakuen Alice 
2 different rolls of tape w/ characters on them $5
 Gundam Seed
(unboxed, mint) $8
Natsume Yuujincho
Boxed ID pass case $10

Mea Sakisaka Presents
Boxed puff heart necklace $6
Gakuen Alice 
pink and black fuzzy mascott & star zippered bag $6
Natsume Yuujincho
Boxed "Cat" pouch $8
Kururun Lieru Change
Large hard cover stationary holder w/ snap. Comes with several of stationary items
Gentleman's Alliance Watch
Furoku item, working $10
Ai Minase art
 boxed cel phone strap

Marmalade boy 
card box, holder $6
Sailor Moon prism card box
Usagi/ChibiChibi $8 

*Can hold upwards of 68 cards*
Sailor Moon (Rei & Mina) 
Trading Card storage case $8
*Can hold upwards of 68 cards*
Get Love, Moe Kare, Moe Kare!
"Sukidesu Suzuki-Kun!!

Pink Plastic mascott box $8

round tin $3.50
Dr. Rin  (pic 1) 
Front of  Tin set
Dr. Rin (pic 2)
Back of Tin set
(large tin, 3-4 inches)
Dr. Rin (pic 3)
Pins inside of the tin set (tin
has dents) 
Dr. Rin 
small round tin w/ DIY bead project  $8
Gakuen Alice
Bear plastic storage container with strap. $5

Mama Colle 
glitter 2deck w/ snap closures &
Shugo-Chara! ruler $10
Hello Kitty
medicine box $8
Cutie Honey
band-aids w/ tin $8
Ouran Host Club
Bear mascott (Sweatband? for head) with embrodered bear face. Back of headband has the bears "tail" item $8
Devil with Flower
rose shapped compact (unboxed) $4

Misc series 
clear mascot ruler $3

Gundam mascot dangle 
Animage 30th anniversery $10

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
clear stiff plastic pencil case with zipper closure. $10
Marmalade boy
pencil case $4 

Get Love! 
pink get glitter pen $3

Natsume Yuujincho
Large "cat" pouch $5
Natsume Yuujincho
Zippered pouch/ bag $6
Angel 1/2 Equation
Sweets mascott pen $3.50

Mechamote Lincho
(just the box, no items) $3.50
Charm Angel

Rose Girl
plastic multi section case $5

For You in Full Blossom
Boxed ID card set $8

Fruits Basket 
ID boxed ID card set $8

Ouran Host Club 
pencil tin case $6

VB Rose
pencil tin $5

Marmalade Boy 
Pencil case plastic $6
Ciao Kiss: Mirumo de Pon! 
DIY textured plastic pen/pencil case $6
Marmalade Boy 
Pencil case plastic $6

Sonna Koi / Kiss of Voice
pen $3 
Saboten Secret
 glitter pen $3