Stationary Books page 2

Nakayosi 2006 
Hard book w stationary $6
Hikaru no Go 
binder book $6
Etoile "Cinderella" Note Book
lg stationary book 

Ribon 2007 Schedual book
Cute Girls 2006 
Color pages $6
Love Berrish 
color pages $6

Sailor Moon
Card Album. 40/ doubled holds 80 cards $16
Milk Crown Lovers 
lg stationary book $5
Spiral notebook $10
Ouran Host Club
Lock on Your Heart $4
Harukanaru Toki no Naka De
foil stationary book with seals $6.50 

W Juliet
Photo or card album zen-in promo $16 

Go with a Smile  
1999 furoku photo album $10
Gakuen Alice
Photo book $9 
Full Moon wo Sagashita

Sarakoga Angels 
Special Holder (Photo/card) $4
Kirarin Revolution
2007 album  $10 

Winter Post Card File 
Card/ Photo Album $6
Feverish Girl
Photo Album $2
Sailor Moon
mini album $5
Charming Junkie
Furoku Photo Album $5
Love Pop
Photo Album $4
For You in Full Blossom aka HanaKimi 
large postcard/ photo album $15
Gokkun! Pucho 
Photo album $8
Sailor Moon
address book  $16
 Full Moon wo Sagashita
Med planner,  4 dividers, 1 sticker storage book, 1 2004 diary memory ("My Memo") sheet, mini clip binder (add for holding paper with no holes,), 4 star shaped mascott paperclips, 1 zip pouch for storage, class & schedual sheet, several memo sheets, and every page and item is in full color!! $15